Joe Cottonwood

The Joe and Terry Show!

I'll be the featured reader along with Terry Adams at the Cafe Society in Half Moon Bay, 522 Main Street. The show starts at 7 pm on Tuesday, January 17. Space is limited so get there early.

Terry and I like to perform a tag-team poetry reading. Instead of my reading a long set, followed by Terry reading a long set, we like to swap poems one to one, each trying to change the pace but build on the theme of the preceding poem. It's challenging and always fun.

Lit Night

Last Wednesday of every month at 7 pm

Next Lit Night will be January 25.

It's always an open mic at La Honda Lit Night. I'm the co-host and will read something each night. Mostly, though, it's anybody who wants to read anything. We have cowboy poets, performance poets, great storytellers and the occasional song. It's casual, down-home, friendly. All ages. Meet some of La Honda's original writers! Just listen, or bring something of your own. For more details, send me an email: joecottonwood@gmail